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This may be a little overdue, but I really wanted to speak to you all about the effects Covid-19 had on us. Most people may not notice and feel relief knowing things are going back to normal, but the pandemic changed us all, whether it be for better or for worse.

Being in quarantine may have let us realize a few things, but one thing is for sure, it really took a toll on our physical and mental health. People gradually realized how important the world around them can be and how neglectful they have been to their families.

But despite this positive change in people, some individuals had the opposite result by shutting out the outside world and focusing on work, gaming, social media etc. This kind of behavior might not have effected the perpetrator but it certainly effected the people around him/her by making them feel as if they weren’t as important as the work their family or friends were focusing on.

Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to change for someone who doesn’t value your love and care for them, and you may not realize it, but they care about you and they really love you but, you never know what is going on in people’s lives.

A person may look really happy but they might be suffering on the inside, you never know. Sometimes, what is best is just to give that person space for a little while, space so they can finish their work, think over their actions and start focusing and repairing their mental health, because there is nothing more important than your family, your friends and your mental health.

Your family are the only people you can know truly love you for who you are so always make sure to show them that you love them too no matter where you are and what you are doing, they need to know your presence in their lives because your presence matters the most.

I remember when the pandemic was just starting, people joking around sure it would be nothing at all, then suddenly everything changed. Read on to find out only a few of the changes that happened during the pandemic and what changes they might’ve had on us.


Changes in education and work and the impact it had on our mental health

One of the things that changed the most when the pandemic arrived were education and work. Everything including classes, meeting, conferences, assignments etc., became online and amidst this huge leap into the world of technology, people became more irritable as I have said before:  neglectful towards the outside world.

People may have not noticed, but this had a huge impact on people’s mental health especially older students who were planning to do Cambridge exams that year. Students and staff had piles of stress on them especially while trying to adjust to the new programs and systems they had to use. Many people had limited social interaction especially with people they used to speak to almost every day such as their friends, colleagues, secretaries, boss etc. This led a lot of people around to spiral into depression and develop crippling and social anxiety. I know how hard it can be to get back to the way things were, but acceptance is the first and major step you can make to start your journey to becoming a better YOU.

Accepting the new normal and becoming a better you

Just to be clear, I didn’t write this blog to be one of those “Self-help gurus”. I wrote to make everyone understand that, whether we like it or not, the world has changed and in turn we have to change with it, not for the world or other people but for OURSELVES.

One misconception everyone gets wrong is thinking that they don’t need to work hard anymore because everything is online now, and that is WRONG, you are only as good as you were last time you did anything. This isn’t about putting pressure on you to work hard, it’s about having the right mindset to keep going even if it’s hard. We need to have a positive mindset that allows us to keep doing things no matter how hard they are now because I assure you, they will get easier.

And things are different now which means we have to adapt and make changes too, you never have to start with something big, always start small in everything you do, so always be open to new ideas, suggestions and changes around you because you never know what they can bring.

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Final Thoughts 

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