A symphony of cultures from more than a quarter of the world

In the evening of Friday 1 March 2024CE, Frontline International school celebrated its multicultural day. Known as international day in many schools, it brings together the whole school community in a celebration of one of the key pillars of Frontline: diversity.


What is special about the Frontline International School multicultural event?

In more than 8 years residing in the UAE, I as Principal, have seldom experienced something so special. It was a wonderful celebration of arts, culture, food, dress and language. Stalls along with the UAE and the whole of the Arab world including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine.

Stalls representing the continent of Africa as well as our communities form Pakistan, Philippines and India.


With more than 3,000 people attending, it was a truly astonishing display of the richness and cultural tapestry. Food and performances reflecting the Frontline community was plentiful and well-received. As the 7th iteration, it has been the most successful multicultural day in the history of our school. 


Why is multiculturalism important?

At Frontline, we cherish the strength of multiculturalism. We incorporate it in our school in an educational approach that values and embraces cultural diversity. It involves creating an inclusive environment where students from different cultural backgrounds feel welcome and respected. At Frontline, it is more than one evening of celebration. We incorporate multiculturalism into the curriculum, assemblies and other activities to foster understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for various cultures.


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