10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Children to Frontline International School Ajman

The basis of a child’s whole future lies in the school they attend. It may impact a child’s mental process and mould their personality. Good schools help your kids reach their full potential by providing a place to polish their interests, knowledge, and talents

International schools have revolutionised the way children get an education. Ajman, for example, is flourishing with foreign schools like the Frontline International School

Are you searching for the best international school for your kids in Ajman? Do you wonder if the Frontline International School Ajman is ideal for your kids? As a loving parent, you have every right to make the best decision for your kids.

Read on to know about the features of Frontline International School that put it on the list of best schools in Ajman.

What are the Essential Features of the Frontline International School?

A reputed international school like Frontline has the best curriculum. It considers the holistic growth of kids along with their intellectual development. Here are the top reasons why enrolling your child to the Frontline International School is a great decision:

The School Uses English As A Medium

Many children find it simpler to adapt to an international school when travelling to another country. It is because the majority of schools use English for communication.

Thus, Frontline International School Ajman encourages and promotes education in English. Moreover, their curriculum is uniform throughout international schools. So, it gets easier for small kids and overseas students to adapt to the new environment.

Improves Thinking Ability of Kids

Youngsters spend almost as much time at school as they do at home. It is a caring environment in which your kid feels good about themselves and learns that they can make a huge difference. Some people believe it is as essential as a good education. ​

Frontline International School gives more than a curriculum to reiterate. Intercultural competency, as well as creative and inspired learning, are all included in their teaching. They instill respect, community involvement, and resilience in their students.

Frontline International School helps kids be more interactive later in life by introducing them to various perspectives, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. This will open them up to new ideas and allow them to better understand a subject by considering several views.

Educates on the Value of Diversity

Making friends and spending good time with them is one of the most enjoyable aspects of school for a child. When children attend an international school, they have an excellent chance to interact with pupils from many countries. They also get to learn about new global views and perspectives.

A warm and inclusive multicultural atmosphere benefits students. And Frontline International School offers that. It serves as the center where students from various cultural places come together. 

This helps pupils have a clearer view of other cultures and become more receptive to different viewpoints. It assists kids in better preparing for an international economy in which they will function alongside individuals from varied backgrounds.

Contributes to Community Development

After shifting to another country, parents and children worry about a lack of community. But, an international school can help them form a new community. Frontline International provides a welcoming learning atmosphere for each student’s growth.

Both parents and kids have chances to engage and interact with other students and teachers. For many, this serves as a hub in their new nation, allowing them to better integrate into the community.

Innovative Teaching Techniques

Students of this school have the opportunity to develop both as a person and as a student. The institution provides excellent academic courses. But they also emphasise teaching wellness and enthusiasm in the classroom. 

The curriculum of this institution includes building training programmes. This allows kids to improve their personality here, which only a few schools focus on. You can visit Frontline school to know more about their teaching philosophy. 

Academic Programmes

Since the UK is a preferred study option for many residents, British curriculum schools are pretty popular in the UAE. Furthermore, completing a British secondary education makes applying to universities much more accessible. 

One of the city’s top international schools, the Frontline International School provides an inquiry-based, skills-oriented curriculum. Their EYFS framework emphasises the significance of personality development. It is the foundation of the curriculum at Frontline International School. 

This is an all-encompassing strategy that emphasises academics and other elements of student development such as human values, art, athletics, and teamwork. It serves as the curriculum’s base and integrates into every school area.

Equipped with the Latest Tech

The school also uses technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experience. This helps students get critical 21st-century skills. The Frontline International School appeals to parents who want their kids to grow and become lifelong learners. 

Students attending this school enjoy a solid academic curriculum and a cosmopolitan setting. Their teaching is not limited to book learning. They use well-equipped smart classes with online teaching and visual learning.

They Have an Extensive Focus on Co-Curriculars

The Frontline International School offers more than intriguing academic programmes. They also provide a broad range of leisure activities, which include foreign language classes, athletics, and creative pursuits, including music, painting, dance, and photography.

A wide range of these activities enables students to explore their interests and shape their enthusiasm for the world and encourage them to be methodical in their learning. The Frontline helps kids to apply the classroom knowledge in real life. It helps them understand topics with no scope for confusion or error.

Extraordinary Facilities

Frontline International School has the newest technology and state-of-the-art facilities. It includes athletics, performing arts venues, scientific laboratories, and wired-up classrooms. They have large spacious classrooms as well. This provides youngsters with an unparalleled opportunity to study in cutting-edge facilities.

They Have a Team of Skilled Teachers

Working at an international school is a reputed and responsible job. So only a select few teachers with outstanding credentials get to be part of a British International school. The same applies to the Frontline International School. 

As a result, this school draws some of the most brilliant and ambitious young professionals. These teachers love teaching and impact kids in a positive way. They want to work with eager students in an atmosphere where they can access the school’s best resources to improve the kids’ development.

Final Thoughts

If you’re living in or relocating to Ajman with your kids, finding an international school for them is an essential step. The Frontline International would be the perfect place for your kids’ overall development and growth. 

Now that you know what this school is capable of, it’s time to enrol your children in the Frontline International School Ajman.

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