Admission Details

Thank you for your interest in Frontline International Private School Ajman, and we look forward to working with your family throughout the admissions process to determine if our school is the best fit for your child. The admissions process begins in the month of January for the next academic year that starts in September. Applicants may begin applying online for the following school year by registering Enrol Online form.

Eligibility (Academic Year 2024-2025)

Grade (British Curriculum Year)YearMinimum AgeYearMaximum Age
Pre KG (FS1)1/09/2020 TO 31/08/20213 Years20204 Years
KG1 (FS2)1/09/2019 TO 31/08/20204 Years20195 Years
KG2 (Year 1)1/09/2018 TO 31/08/20195 Years20186Years
Grade 1 (Year 2)1/09/2017 TO 31/08/20186 Years20177 Years
Grade 2 (Year 3)1/09/2016 TO 31/08/20177 Years20169 Years
Grade 3 (Year 4)20168 Years201410 Years
Grade 4 (Year 5)20159 Years201311 Years
Grade 5 (Year 6)201410 Years201212 Years
Grade 6 (Year 7)201311 Years201113 Years
Grade 7 (Year 8)201212 Years201014 Years
Grade 8 (Year 9)201113 Years200915 Years
Grade 9 (Year 10)201014 Years200816 Years
Grade 10 (Year 11)200915 Years200717 Years
Grade 11 (Year 12)200816 Years200618 Years
Grade 12 (Year 13)200717Years200519 Year

Documents Required 

  • JPG Copy of Student recent photos (passport size).
  • PDF Copy of the student Passport, Emirates ID (two sides) and Visa.
  • PDF Copy of the Parent (father and mother) Passport, Emirates ID (two sides) and Visa.
  • PDF Copy of student Birth Certificate.
  • PDF Copy of Family Book (applicable only for UAE Nationals).
  • PDF Copy of student vaccination records.
  • Student last report card received (From KG2 Onwards).

Note:  For overseas transfer (except for students from USA, Canada, North America, Europe, and Australia) documents mentioned above in 6 & 7 should be attested by:

The ministry/department of education of the country where the student has studied previously

and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs embassy/consulate of the concerned country

All the documents should be submitted in time and are subject to the approval of Ministry of Education

Please note: The Grades are from Pre-KG to Grade 12 as per MoE guidelines (in brackets we state the British Curriculum equivalent which is from FS1 to Year 13).


EYFS (Early Years and Foundation Stage) 

Pre-KG (FS1) and KG1 (FS2) areas of learning:

Communication and language, Physical development, and Personal, social, and emotional development, Literacy, Mathematical development, Understanding the world, and Creative development.

KEY STAGE 1 (Lower Primary School)

Grade 1 (Year 2) and Grade 2 (Year 3) – Curriculum provision

Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP): English, Mathematics, Science. 
Ministry of Education: Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Moral Education.
MAPE: Music, Art, Physical Education 

KEY STAGE 2 (Upper Primary School)

Grades 3 to Grade 5 (Years 4 to 6) Curriculum provision

English, Maths, Science (Cambridge Checkpoint Exam at Grade 6)
Ministry of Education:: Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies 
Also, ICT, Art & Design, French/Urdu and P.E.
From Grade 5 (Year 6), Boys and Girls are taught in separate classes for all lessons.

KEY STAGE 3 (Lower Secondary School)

Grades 6 to 8 (Years 7 to 9) Curriculum provision

Cambridge International: English, Mathematics, Science.

Ministry of Education: Arabic, Islamic Studies, Moral Education and Social Studies.

Also, ICT, Art & Design, French/Urdu and P.E.

Grade 8 Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint assessments in England, Mathematics and Science.

KEY STAGE 4 (Upper Secondary School)

Grade 9 and 10 (Year 10 and Year 11) – IGCSE 

English (as a Second Language), ICT (examination at the end of Grade 9), Mathematics.
Then choosing three subjects from two pathways or a combination depending on demand:
Accounting, Business, Economics
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Also, optional depending on demand: Arabic, French, Urdu

Grade 11 (Year 12) – AS Level and Grade 12 (Year 13) – A level

Subjects to be studied depend upon prior attainment at IGCSE.
Current offerings are 2 or 3 subjects from:
Accounting, Business, Economics
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Mathematics , Computer Science, Arabic
Note: Some subjects may be self-study depending on demand and provision.