Some people believe in the “natural” or “organic” way of life others believe that if it looks
the best it probably tastes the best and is the best for our bodies, but which of these
mindsets are correct? And how can the foods we eat change our bodies?
The dictionary definition of genetically modified food is: genetically modified foods
(gm foods), also known as genetically engineered foods (ge foods), or Bioengineered
foods are foods produced from organisms that have had Changes introduced into their
dna using the methods of genetic engineering. According to wikipedia.

Now you may think “What does it mean and why should I care? A fruit is a fruit no matter
where it came from.” But this is wrong. I believe we should all care and be careful about
where our food comes from. As Wikipedia also tells us that genetically modified food
Also brings with it some potential risks, including the negative impact of Modified genes
on human beings and the contaminations to the surrounding

Many scientists and farmers prefer genetically modified seeds as they grown with fewer
pesticides and are fairly cheaper than non-genetically modified foods; therefore, they
generate more income and we fall prey to the trap of shiny labels and perfectly shaped
tomatoes. But as easy as genetically modified food is to grow it can easily harm people
in the process as genetically modified crops can cause an increase in allergies and as
they are modified to grow strong crops. They are immune to most antibiotics resulting in
us being immune to antibiotics that can save our lives if we are sick.
In conclusion genetically modified food is a Foe we should all stay away from and stick
to our delicious organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables no matter how hard they are
to plant and grow.


Mona Refaei – 9G1

What a great question! I’m sure we’ve got an equally great answer to it. For starters, we’ve got to understand why people want to be friends with one another in the First place. Usually, people gravitate toward others who have desirable qualities.

Now, “desirable” by itself is subjective. Not everyone has identical wants and needs, but there’s a good
outline to explain them. Honesty, kindness, and agreeableness are just a few to name.

Mutual respect and interests give a push to the relationship, giving opportunities for wonderful conversations between two soon-to-be friends. As they say, people like others similar to them.

Conversation in itself is important, as it allows real bonding and interaction for others to understand each other more. Through conversation, you can see what a person’s mind set is like, how similar it is to yours, and all their ideals or traits.

Sure, you may not be able to grasp all that in a talk, but it does give you a good outline of what to expect from a person. Be sure not to have these expectations too unrealistic, as it can damage your other social relations.

Having a healthy social life is vital psychologically, as loneliness can affect you in more ways than one. So, see that student in class you’d like to hang out more with? Maybe a co-worker you could plan schedules with? It may not be a total friendship, but it does establish healthy bonds between people


Isra Zulqarnain

The iconic expression that declares dogs to be man’s best friend dates back to around 230 years
ago, when King Frederick of Prussia was quoted saying, “the only, absolute and best friend that a  man has, in this selfish world, the only one that  will not betray or deny him, is his dog”. Yet, just as when it comes to any regular topic, there is room for contention. Personally, I believe that a dog can indeed be not only a man’s, but anyone’s best friend.

At the time of writing this, the world’s population is closing in on a whopping 8 billion. With that in mind, it must be realised that we live in a time and place of individuality in which people are free to have and express their own distinctive beliefs with composure, making it completely plausible, acceptable, and even commendable for a dog to be one’s best friend.

Although it’s common-place for people to call dogs the most loyal, uplifting, and affectionate creatures on the planet, this is not simply just a saying as there are a plethora of stories out there recounting the loyalty dogs tend to display towards humans. One such story that I’ll focus on is a true tale that occurred in 1920s Japan: there was a university professor who adopted a dog named Hachiko. The professor would return home from work daily at 4:00 p.m., and every day, Hachiko would wait at the station for the professor to return at exactly 4:00. This was, until the professor suddenly died a year after adopting the dog. Yet, even then, Hachiko would wait at the station every day at the same time for the next ten years, up to the date of his passing.

There’s a reason ‘dog is a man’s best friend’ is such a repeated term, and that’s because of the truths behind it. Story after story, including the aforementioned one, showcase the love dogs are ready to spread, a type of love that is greatly needed in our society. Thus, I conclude: a dog is capable of being anyone’s best friend, and it’s perfectly exemplified when it comes to the deep level of understanding between a man and a dog.


Rashid Nagawa – 9B1

Google classroom is a free platform for students and teachers. It helps teachers keep a record of what students are doing and what they have already done. Another reason why schools recommend Google classroom is because it helps teachers keep track of their assignments.Google classroom is the best user – friendly, Learning Platform.

As it helps student study even when not in the same country Google classroom is an amazing learning platform as it provides a central location to communicate with teachers when having a doubt, teachers can share assignments. Teachers can also check your work and give you a comment/reply to all of your work and grade them at the end.

Since this year we are fighting with Covid- 19 many teachers and schools have said that Google classroom is probably the best learning platform. Do you know what the best part is? Since many students are studying online, and may have exams online – Google classroom helps with that too.

Teachers can make exams/quizzes through Google forms. It is also accessible through all devices. You can also call your teacher through a meeting link. Your teachers will send you a meeting link and you will need to join the meeting the teacher will help you with your studies while you guys are in a call.

You can also project your work while in the meeting, just press present to class and your teacher will give you permission, and then you will be able to present LIVE in front of your class and teacher.

Your teacher can create a folder for where you can send your work or you can just send the work you have done on the class stream.


Salwa Mansoor – 6G1

“How you doin?” is the iconic line said by Joey Tribbiani, a character in friends, played by the world-renowned famous actor, Matt Le Blanc. Joey is a huge foody. He is not the smartest of them all, but he is the funniest. Friends is the most famous American TV sitcom there is due to its uniqueness in terms of actors and how fantastically their roles are portrayed.

 The show is about 6 friends who all lead completely different lives and how they all met each other through each other. They all have completely different personalities and have the best bond and correlation. The most sarcastic character, Chandler Bing, is portrayed by Matthew Perry. He can’t hold back on making puns and jokes whenever he gets the chance to. 

Then there’s Phoebe Buffay, played by the very talented Lisa Kudrow. Phoebe is the weirdest and yet the most unique character among all of them. She makes amazing songs using her guitar. Her hit song “Smelly Cat” was also featured on the news channels. She has led a very sad and emotional life losing her mother at a young age and then being homeless, but then becoming friends with Monica. Monica Geller is an Amazing Chef with the personality of a perfectionist. She is played by the very famous Courtney Cox. Monica Geller is also a sister to Ross Geller, a brilliant palaeontologist with a Ph.D. in sciences. 

He has a nerdy personality and is more interested in books rather than televisions. He was also played by the actor David Schwimmer. Ross, throughout the series, being divorced thrice. The last divorce happens with Rachel Green, who also happened to be his high school crush. Rachel Green is a rich spoiled girl who knows how to sail. She was once friends with Monica and ran away from the altar from her supposed to be husband seeking help from Monica, eventually meeting up with Ross once again. 

Joey and Chandler have the best bond in the show making their friendship entirely valued and unique. Reaching the climax of the series, Monica and Chandler marry each other and adopt two twins. Ross and Rachel marry too, only leaving Phoebe and Joey, but Phoebe marries another man named Mike, whom she also met by accident thanks to Ross. I believe the series should have continued as it was really one of a kind. Unfortunately, it had ended in 2004, leaving its viewers on a cliff-hanger. 


Subhan Farooq – 11B

When going on long walks and hanging out with friends is your norm, quarantine can be a hard pill to swallow. Covid changed the way we live our lives whether that be a good or bad influence we will now go over and see if you can truly consider covid to be a friend.

Social Isolation

Quarantine was implemented as soon as covid was recognized as a threat to humanity. The social isolation aspect has caused the mental health of certain individuals to decline. Socializing is a basic human need and when not fulfilled could cause harm to the person and consequently lead to psychological disorders. It has also become harder to communicate and form friends, whether that be at school or in the workplace.

Eating Habits

Naturally, it becomes harder to keep up with a healthy lifestyle knowing that nobody is there to hold you account to that. For that reason, some people have developed eating disorders. When you must always stay inside and work hard, having the energy to cook healthy meals is difficult. This leads to more convenient sources such as ordering fast food or simply making instant cup noodles.

Physical Activity

Maintaining a daily fitness routine becomes incredibly dull when restricted to your bedroom or living room. Having your bed or sofa in your line-of-sight at all times makes it difficult to keep motivated. With all this in mind would you consider covid to be an old friend? It has drained us both mentally and physically whereas a true friend would never do that to you.


Fatima Rasheda – 10G1

Have you ever strongly desired a pet? Most of us wish to have pets to cut out on boredom or just to have a fun buddy. Studies have shown that pet owners have reported to be feeling more relaxed and active than people who did not own a pet. Youth and seniors often feel left out and frustrated because of various reasons and having just one pet can be delightful.

Most States in the US have facilities and suitable locations for pets. Indiana has been ranked #1 as the most pet-friendly state and New Mexico as the last state ranking at #48. Now, Indiana is known for its low-cost facilities, amiable people, crime rates are repeatedly low, and the weather is especially pleasant to live with family and pets. You can take them mostly anywhere or just go for a walk and the experience would be lovely. Moreover, there is enough help for your little friend.

On the other hand, New Mexico has been rated as state with most poverty, a backdated academic achievement level for ages 25 and above, highest crime rates and the weather is mostly barren and dry making it detrimental for families along with pets to live peacefully and it is understandable as it is poverty-stricken all the other cons follow making it difficult to afford extra beings. In conclusion, the states which have a better environment to live in are the ones which are more suitable, friendly towards pets. Consequently, when the surrounding is not suitable for own self it is comprehensible why it has a low rate of pet friendliness.

Maliha Zaman – 9G1

The United Arab Emirates(UAE) is a country in Western Asia. It was united in 1971 with the seven emirates which are: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.

Each emirate is governed by an emir and together the emirs form a Federal Supreme Council. In this article, I will let you know about the relations between UAE and other countries and is this country friendly or no? The United Arab has broad diplomatic and commercial relations with most countries of the world. It plays a significant role in Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and is one of the founding members of the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC).

UAE has joined the United Nations and the Arab League and has established diplomatic relations with more than 60 countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Russia, India, Nepal, United States, and most Western European. The UAE believes that the Arab League needs to be restructured to become a viable institution, and would like to increase the strength and interoperability of the GCC defense forces.

Finally, this wonderful country is a safe place to settle in. So, if any other countries are not safe then I suggest you go to UAE because it also accepts any nationality from different countries. That’s why UAE is a very tolerant, kind, and friendly country. Is UAE A Friendly Country?


Fedaa Mahmoud – 9G

Once two friends were roaming in the catacombs figuring the way out. They know anything can happen to them, so they pledged to unite whatever happens. Suddenly they saw something sparkling and ran towards it. They ran and ran but they could never reach it.

They stopped and were wheezing. Suddenly they fell into a dark pit. After a few moments they reached the end of the pit they were terrified and exhausted. Swiftly they heard a high-pitch sound saying, “One of you has to die, you have 20 minutes to decide, hahaha!!”. They perched in disappointment. There was silence for a moment and one of the friends stood up.

He pointed at the other friend and said she is ready to die. She was so shocked and cried “We pledged!!” The high sound said “you are so unlucky you have a false-hearted friend. This was a test that happens with every visitor, have a nice day” They were dispatched out in the bursting sun. Now they had different routes and goals. She was bursting into tears for being betrayed. She was on her way home and heard a wise man saying “False friend is worse than an enemy. Be careful in choosing friends. False friend can backstab you anytime.


Amna Batool – 8G

Dear Amelia.

How are you? How are your family members? I hope my letter will find you in the best spirits and health. I am also hale and healthy here.

As you are aware, I recently moved to a boarding school and am enjoying it very much. My teachers and classmates are great and supportive. They are genuinely kind and upbeat, and what I admire most about them is how outspoken they are, just like you and I. The girls come from various nationalities.

The majority is from the emirates itself, as well as others like Sudan, Britain, and more. They almost share my interests, like crafts and arts. When it comes to group projects and the tough parts of the class that I don’t comprehend, they are incredibly helpful. Last weekend we even went out together to a cafe to complete our assigned project not only did we ace the project but we also had a great time while doing it. Everything is going well; I never imagined it would, but it has one minor flaw.

You, we have been friends for a very long time, and I feel like you are part of me now. Having a great time without you feels like half of my spirit is missing and the other half is enjoying the senior year. I really wish you were here to see this and experience it with me.

I thus beg you to make an effort to persuade your parents to allow you to enroll in this school because it is excellent both from a social and academic standpoint. I truly wish you could meet my new friends because I know they’ll be more than happy to meet you. I’m hoping to hear back from you shortly. Sending you and your family my sincere love. Till then take care of yourself


With love
Azal Nematullah – 10G