Art Studio & Music Studio

Music Studio

  • In addition to covering curriculum expectations, students are encouraged, trained and assisted in showcasing their creativity and talents at different times throughout the course of the academic year.Students from Grades 1-4 work with percussion instruments to harness their rhythm skills, in addition to exploring other areas of music.
  • Students from Grades 4-5 learn how to sight-read music on the piano, in addition to exploring music from different cultures and historical periods. Across all grade levels, we explore, learn, create and grow in confidence.
  • Term 1: Vocal Music & Music History
  • Term 2: Instrumental Music
  • Term 3: Creative work & preparing for year-end concert

Art Studio

  • The Arts curriculum at FIPS is rooted in the experience of creating. These classes provide ways for students to describe, explore and respond, and can be used to express ideas, experiences and feelings.Beyond its qualities of Creativity, Self-Expression, Problem-Solving and Communication, Visual Arts is at the core of lifelong learning in the 21st century. By learning about art from different cultures and times, students are exposed to the expression of a wide range of human values and concerns.
  • At Primary -In order to make works of Visual Art, students need to acquire a range of skills and certain specific knowledge. It is essential for students to be engaged in meaningful, open-ended, art-making activities that enable them to express personal feelings, experiences and ideas, as well as develop the skills to use art tools, materials and techniques that are appropriate for their grade.