Home Learning & Social Commitment

Home Learning

Homework will be assigned daily by all teachers of the core subjects like English, Maths and Science. All students are expected to complete assignments and turn them in on the provided deadlines.  In the event of an absence, students are expected to turn the assignment in upon his/her return to school. Homework assignments or projects cannot be made up at the end of the marking period.  In order to obtain full credit, all assignments must be turned in, in a timely fashion.

Homework at the Primary level is a requirement, with the goal of complementing or enhancing classroom learning. For English and Math, teachers assign regular homework, which includes use of the following subscription-based services:

  • Bug Club to promote the joy of reading & comprehension
  • IXL supports the Math Curriculum

Both websites can be accessed from a normal browser, and homework is updated each week depending on the homeroom teacher’s preference.

Commitment to the Environment

We aim to develop the next generation to become responsible, influential and inspiring leaders. One of the greatest challenges we are facing as a population is environmental change. It is our aim to instill a sense of awareness in children today, from the youngest Kindergartner or primary student to the oldest IGCSE student, that awareness needs to be accompanied by the ability to take informed action, both locally and on global issues.

We are committed to making Frontline School an environmentally sustainable or ‘green’ school.The environment is about people, places, and spaces, not just the physical environment. We believe in the power of education in helping young people to shape their future environments in an informed and socially just manner.

Character Education

As dedicated champions of a holistic education that develops responsible global citizens, Our curriculum is integrated with Character Education program to impart ethics, values and civic sense to our students. We believe that the ideal learning environment shapes boys and girls into conscientious young adults. We also actively promote our school’s core values in all our assemblies.