Beyond Curriculum

In order to develop well-balanced individuals we believe it is important that pupils have opportunity to participate in a variety of extra and co-curricular activities. At FRONTLINE, arts, sports, athletics, literary and cultural activities are woven into the school life with great care. In addition to sessions in PE, the school will offer a number of popular team sports.

Value Based Education

Value based education (VBE)  in FIPS imparts social, moral, integrity, character, spirituality and many more. It builds the qualities of humility, strength and honesty in a person. They become better citizens of a country. People with high ethical values will never cheat others. People are taught to co-operate with each other. They make their life happier and works hard to make others happy . We emphasize that our approach to value education is based on three principles ie inculcation (thinking), Modelling (seeing) and Facilitation (Doing). We appreciate the fact that Man is the guardian of nature and aim to sensitize our students to this fact. He/scientist seeks the understanding of the material world not to dominate it but to appreciate the beauty of the universe/nature and signs of creator/God. The study of world leads to two outcomes. An understanding of the material world as well as reflection of spiritual realities so as to promote wellbeing of human kind and nature.

Besides we also endeavour to give the young learners an Islamic perspective of all sciences learnt in regular classroom so that there is no compartmentalization of knowledge and all forms of knowledge are integrated, respected, loved and recognized as beneficial.

Extra-Curricular Activities

All students are encouraged to develop their talents and interests like dramatics ,elocution, sports and art further through monthly ‘club activity.’ Participation in a wide variety of Field Trips enriches the curriculum by giving the students experiential learning.

Frontline International School has a House System and Students’ Council with Leadership roles that enable members to become decision makers, lead learners in the classroom and outside.

FIPS Parent Leader Programme is an initiative with active mothers, working towards bringing Service Learning as an approach in nurturing 21st century skills

  • Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities
  • Preparing to play an active role as citizens
  • Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle
  • Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people
  • Performing skills – controlling sounds through singing and playing
  • Composing skills – creating and developing musical ideas
  • Appraising skills – responding and reviewing
  • Listening
  • Applying knowledge and understanding
  • Exploring and developing ideas
  • Investigating and making art, craft and design
  • Evaluating and developing work
  • Developing, planning and communicating ideas
  • Knowledge and understanding of materials and components